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Making No.14 - Inside (Final Print Edition) 

INSIDE features a collection of handmade projects and  patterns, plus essay and recipe contributions from our cherished  community. Madder is this issue’s muse, encompassing the deep red tones  and textures that represent the transition through seasons of change.

No. 14 / INSIDE (October 2022) – includes projects and essays by  Kristine Vejar, Sarah Jolley, Raven Rose, Daphney Boutin, Marilo  Miquez, KR Chandler, Carolanne Graham, Rin O'Shea, Kami Speer, Youngmin  Lee, Aimee Sher, Thien-Kieu Lam, Paula Pereira, Susan Chin, Emma Ducher,  Jennifer Brou, Lauren McElroy, Liz Bahl, Tiffany Chen, Susan B.  Anderson, and Leila Raven.