Hiberknitting Number 1


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Hiberknitting Number 1 is a warm and woolly mini-collection of knits perfect for cold nights by Stephen West, the Amsterdam based designer.  Hiberknitting Number 1 was published in 2019 and features six patterns to inspire and comfort  knitters. Two shawls, a color blocked cowl, two hats, and a cozy  top-down sweater make picking the perfect project for the Hiberknitting  season a breeze. The collection features West’s signature graphic  designs, garter stripes and angular chevrons, knit-purl texture and  neutral-with-a-pop color choices. 

West has  collaborated with German visual artist Stefan Gunnesch to reimagine the  knitwear of Hiberknitting in mixed-media collage, opening the book with a  gallery of lush, striking images that give Westknits fans a new insight  into the designer’s multi-disciplinary creative practice.

  • Size: A5 (5.8 x 8.3” / 148 x 210 mm), 68 pages
  • Format: softcover book
  • Digital download code is included with this print copy.