Lett Lopi


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Lett Lopi (wool sourced and spun in Iceland by Istex)

100% Icelandic Sheep Wool

50g - 100m

Worsted / Aran Weight

Needles: 4.00mm - 5.00mm


Very popular rustic wool for Icelandic and Scandinavian yoke sweaters.  Lett Lopi is very versatile, can be knitted on a loose open gauge or can also be felted. Icelandic wool is very warm and water repellant, especially when it is knitted at a tight gauge. 

The wool is not suitable for children and people who are sensitive to wool, as it is not soft and can be scratchy. Some colours are difficult to stock due to a global interest in this wool and limited availability since the COVID pandemic.

Single patterns can be purchased directly from Istex the producers at https://lopidesign.is/en/shop/There are also contemporary designers such as Jennifer Steingass and Teti Lutsak who have also popularised this wool and their patterns can be found on Ravelry.