Noro Tasogare


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Noro Tasogare is Made in Japan

60% Wool, 20% Silk, 20% Mohair

150g - 375m

Worsted / light Aran weight

Recommended needle: 4.5-5.5mm

Estimated gauge: 16st - 20st  knitted to 10cm square

Handwash only

Tasogare is an Aran/Medium weight featuring Noro's signature blend of  coriedale/merino, silk, and mohair - such as popular yarns like Silk  Garden. However, the meaning of Tasogare reveals the inspiration -  Japanese for "twilight", that time when colors grow dim as light fades -  this yarn features undyed dark brown wool which interplays with the  dyed fibers in typical Noro multi colors - giving each color a more  muted & deep feeling such as one feels at the end of the day when  the brightness of the sun fades. Each dragon egg ball contains around 375m of yarn, enough for a small shawl or accessory.