Isager Palet


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100% cotton speckled dyed, spun in Italy

50g - 174m

Heavy 4ply / Sport weight

Handwash, dry flat

ISAGER PALET is a thicker ‘summer yarn‘ than Bomulin, and it adds an  interesting structure when worked together with other yarns. The colours  in Palet are a mixture of many colours, but the finished result will  not be ‘striped‘, as the colours are added as small dots onto the yarn.  The yarn is beautiful used on its own, especially in simple models, but  it is also really exciting when worked together with other yarns. 

Suggested gauges on its own and knitted with laceweight /fingering yarns

Palet: 3 mm needles = 24 sts / 28 rows
Palet + Alpaca 1: 3.5 mm needles = 22 sts/ 26 rows
Palet + Alpaca 2: 4 mm needles = 18 sts/ 22 rows
Palet + Silk Mohair: 4.5 mm needles = 16 sts / 20 rows