The Journal of Scottish Yarns - Issue 4

Yarn Journal

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  1. The  first tartan mill to be established in the Highlands for decades,  Prickly Thistle seeks answers to today’s issues from the past.
  2. V&A  Dundee worked with Glasgow micro-weavers, Vevar, to explore their  tartan design and create a limited edition piece: a modern  interpretation steeped in Scottish textile legacy.
  3. With inspiration from across continents, Ripples Crafts has been based in the northwest Highlands of Scotland for 15 years.
  4. Centuries of history provide design inspiration for textile conservator Sara Wolf.
  5. Lammermuit Wool: the story of a small and friendly flock of Shetland sheep in East Lothian.
  6. Kiltmaking is culturally significant for Scotland, but did you know it is an endangered skill?
  7. A short history of Sanquhar knitting.



  • KATT  WEAVER, HEATHER AND HOPS Hairst Jumper: lace details and twisted rib  around the hem make an elegant jumper, with matching cowl and scarf  designs. Designed with Zakami Yarns Aran wool.
  • RUTH  ROBINSON Charles III Sanquhar Mitts and Cowl: a new pattern based on  historic motifs, created for the Coronation of the new King. Designed  with Wee County Yarns Kinross 4 ply wool.
  • SARA  WOLF Diamond Twist Socks: inspired by a small knitted fragment found  with the Gunnister man in Shetland. Designed with Uist Wool Canach,  Westfield Croft Shetland or Whistlebare Cuthbert’s Sock yarn.
  • EMMA  VINING Sallochy Bay Shawl: crescent-shaped shawl in two sizes inspired  by the life cycle of a mushroom. Designed using Dystopic Fibres 4 ply  yarn.
  • LOUISE MOSSOM Sma’ Glen Beanie Hat:  inspired by the magical purple sky that precedes snow. Designed with  Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift wool.
  • KARIE  WESTERMANN Wheatfield Jumper: an everyday staple designed to showcase  special wool. Designed for Lammermuir Wool Harestanes DK wool.
  • SYLVIA  WATTS-CHERRY Coorie Cardigan: a snuggly cardigan featuring cables  framed with intarsia colourwork. Designed with Iona Wool Aran weight  wool.


  • SAMIRA  HILL, EILDON HILLS DESIGNS Whin Top: a versatile sleeveless garment  that can be a poncho or an oversized tank top. Designed with Hawkshaw  Sheep Aran weight wool.
  • MERRIAN HOLLAND,  MEZZACRAFT Droman Hat: peaks and troughs are accentuated with colour,  designed to use up small quantities of DK yarn. Designed for Ripples  Crafts yarn or Jamieson’s of Shetland DK wool.
  • MARTA  MITCHELL Sunset Song Top: a crocheted tank top inspired by winter skies  and designed for layering. Designed using J. C. Rennies (KnitRennies)  Supersoft 4 ply wool.

NIC CORRIGAN Dovecot  Socks: Fair Isle patterned machine-knitted socks (with hand-knit  instructions) inspired by a visit to Dovecot Studios. Designed using  Black Isle Yarns Killen Sock yarn.