Laine Magazine - Issue 19 * (8 Dec 23)


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Released 8th Dec 23 - Laine 19, Kaolinite, celebrates the meditative nature of crafts. At least  in Finland, ceramics courses seem to be hugely popular at the moment – and this wonderful handcraft also served as an inspiration for this issue's serene photos, which were taken in a ceramics studio.

Laine 19 includes 11 knitting patterns, and the designers featured in this issue are: Alexandra Atepaeva, Jennifer Brou, Maxim Cyr, Ronja Hakalehto, Helga Isager, Pauliina Leisti, Agata Mackiewicz, Yukie Onodera, Marie Régnier, Jacqueline van Dillen andVeera Välimäki.

In the articles of issue 19, we meet the Japanese embroidery artist Tomomi Mimura and the Mayan Kaqchikel fibre artist and writer Sari Monroy.  This issue also explores the work of an American sheep shearer and find out what kind of skills knitters should practise to increase their brain health.

Pattern previews are available on Ravelry: