Laine Magazine - Issue 18


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Issue 18, Autumn 2023 ( publication and shipping date - 15th September 23 ) and includes:
- 11 knitting patterns (both charts and written instructions provided): 5  sweaters, 2 cardigans, 1 slipover, 1 shawl, 1 hat and 1 pair of  mittens.
- An interview with the American knitwear designer and fashion historian  Sydney Crabaugh, who specialises in vintage knits and runs her own  virtual knitting school.
- An article about Shetland and its knitting traditions, with two  inspiring designers — Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone — as our  guides.
- Jeanette Sloan’s Fibre Talk: a regular article on Jeanette chatting  with interesting people. In this issue, she meets Tanis “Akutuq”  Simpson, whose company produces yarn from qiviut: a fibre that comes  from the undercoat of the muskox.
- Five Ways by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro, who gathers experts’ tips on mending your knits.
- Where I Knit: a regular piece that pictures people knitting in their  favourite spot. In this issue, we meet Nora, who likes to knit on the  rooftop of her home in Cologne, Germany.
- Seasonal recipes to inspire your autumn cooking.
- Book reviews.

Designers featured in this issue: Jenny Ansah, Marcela Chang, Melissa  Clulow, Emma Ducher, Jenna Kostet, Ksenia Naidyon, Olga Putano, Tiia  Reho, Anna Sjösvärd and Julia Wilkens.